Wherever you walk, drive, cycle, park or play, Gael is right there.

We have been providing the States with asphalt road surfacing since the seventies – and we are not about to stop anytime soon!

When we first started out, as a small seal coating business in 1976, ridiculous hair and outrageous trousers were all the rage.

In many ways, in 2018, little has changed, in the sphere of hair of trousers!

But plenty has changed in the world of asphalt – and for the better.

Not only has Gael grown as an enterprise, being able to offer more and greatly improved services, but technology has come on immeasurably as well.

The products we can supply and deliver, are more durable than ever.

The equipment we use to pave your highway or driveway, is better than we could ever have hoped, back in 1976.

Gael Asphalt only uses the most up to date and modern pavers, compactors and trucks on their jobs.

And we have vehicles both small enough for the smaller jobs and large enough for the big ones, within our fleet.

Wherever we go, we build quality and strength into our roads.

We also build networks with the local communities we come across on our travels.

Gael Asphalt believe in working with communities to help them achieve their goals. This means giving some of our time and our resources for free sometimes.

Where we can be of assistance, we are happy to help.

Over the years, our contractors have laid parking lots, sports pitches and aided with community makeovers, for free.

Our clients trust us with their homes and businesses and this shows in the levels of repeat custom we constantly win.

So why not see what we can do for you, and your home, your business or local authority?

Once a customer of Gael Asphalt, always a customer!