Asphalt Work


Asphalt paving is America’s number one road surfacing of choice.

From interstate highways, to home driveways, asphalt is the material that everyone wants to drive on.

It’s stronger, more durable, hard wearing and can take whatever is thrown at it.

Able to deal with the extremes of temperatures, both hot and cold, asphalt will endure, in all weathers.

Easier to repair than concrete and with environmental benefits to boot, there are literally dozens of reasons to choose asphalt for your pavement project.

And who better to fit it for you than Gael?

With just one call, one team can do it all.

We can install, maintain and repair your asphalt pavement. Oh, and also recycle it and arrange for its removal.

Better still, we can help manage the flow of traffic, whilst the job is in operation and make sure that everything keeps running as smoothly as possible.

Why risk a lesser experienced contractor or someone who may not be a professional, when Gael install and lay hundreds of new pavements each month?

Only Gael has the expertise and the manpower to be able to deliver a truly outstanding result and deliver success, first time.

We know asphalt and we know what our clients want. No gimmicks, just straight talking and hard grafting!

We don’t take your money until the job is done and everyone is happy with the results!

Don’t take chances when it comes to your asphalt pavement project – hire the professionals first time around!


Gael Asphalt delivers first rate service for all their clients.

We offer our services to everyone, regardless of their size or status.

This means we are just as happy working on a customer’s private driveway as we are on sealcoating an airport runway.


We have the best possible deal with our suppliers.

All our asphalt is mixed to the highest specifications and is guaranteed to be tailored exactly to your project’s needs.

Unlike some fly by nights, we never attempt to sell you someone else’s leftover asphalt or anything which would not be right for your job.

Our team recycle 100% of the asphalt road products which are removed from your job. We also incorporate recycled materials into your new asphalt mixes.

This does not imply a weakness in the structure of the new paving. Far from it. Any recycled product endorsed by our team is at least as strong as any new asphalt would be. In some cases, it is stronger!

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